April 6, 2023

Run For The Wall Takes A Community

The Run For The Wall event may be coordinated by the Veterans Appreciation Committee, but we couldn’t do it alone. It takes the whole community to have a successful event. From the people who come out to welcome the riders to Meridian to the hundreds of volunteers who all come and do their part to keep the event running smooth and successfully.

We’d like to thank the Deb, Boy Scouts and the students from the Navy base for their help in serving food, water and taking care of other needs as they arise.

We would also like to give a special shout-out to George Warner, his wife and all his staff at The Wash House who do take care of all the laundry for the riders free of charge. He, his wife and his staff stay late until everything is done and the riders can all rest easy that the next leg of their trip will start with fresh, clean and dry clothes.

The pictures below will showcase some of the volunteers from the 2022 Run For the Wall event!

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